Bubble Witch, Red Bull, “Harry Potter,” Adele, Santa and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

A video chat application topped our list of the fastest-growing Facebook Pages this week, although several game Pages, movie Page sports, music and more comprise the top 20 Pages that grew by the number of Likes. Pages on our list this week grew from between 224,400 to 1.2 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.  TinyChat1,376,523+2,332+1,210,209
2.  Bubble Witch934,269+544+903,245
3.  Red Bull24,880,330+85,807+754,215
4.  Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
5.  Guitar Flash536,580+761+408,982
6.  Mahjong Saga396,293+127+342,370
7.  Fast & Furious12,169,617+13,238+339,318
8.  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake!445,3510+333,025
9.  Charlie St. Cloud1,844,356+533+310,807
10.  Te quiero ♥… Ver BIEN lejos 😀408,752+61,101+296,513
11.  Guaraná Antarctica2,837,477+36,205+287,700
12.  Texas Hold’em Poker54,463,714+40,444+280,882
13.  Facebook56,934,132+36,767+278,439
14.  Adele10,013,267+37,403+275,513
15.  Siz.net507,262+115,841+265,790
16.  NORAD Tracks Santa999,425+1,469+252,924
17.  Stardoll675,794+1,676+231,952
18.  I Love My Daughter723,308-1,529+230,356
19.  Leo Messi28,043,679+30,094+226,219
20.  Harry Potter37,942,684+31,778+224,350

TinyChat grew by 1.2 million Likes this week, in an apparent Page consolidation;  it serves as a video chat application. Then there were a bunch of game-related Pages. Bubble Witch grew by 903,200 Likes to 934,300,  Portuguese music game Guitar Flash grew by 409,000 Likes to 536,600, Mahjong Saga grew by 342,400 Likes to 396,300, Texas Hold’em Poker by 280,900 Likes to 54.4 million and Stardoll by 232,000 Likes to 675,800.

Movies on our list included “Titanic” with 409,500 Likes to grow to 13.4 million, “Fast & Furious” grew 339,300 to 12.1 million Likes, “Charlie St. Cloud” grew by 310,800 Likes to 1.8 million Likes (in an apparent consolidation) and “Harry Potter” grew by 224,400 Likes to 37.9 million.

The rest of the list was assorted.

Red Bull Posted extensively during the holiday season, growing 754,200 Likes to 24.8 million. Facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! Grew by 333,000 to 445,400 Likes. Te quiero ♥… Ver BIEN lejos 😀 grew by 296,500 to 408,800 Likes. Guaraná Antarctica is a fruit soft drink in Brazil, and the Page saw 287,700 Likes this week, pushing it to 2.8 million. Facebook’s Page grew 278,400 Likes to 56.9 million.

Singer Adele saw 275,500 Likes, pushing her page past 10 million. Turkish high school social network Siz.net grew by 265,800 Likes to 507,300. I Love My Daughter group by 230,400 to 723,300 Likes and athlete Leo Messi’s Page grew to a 26,200 to surpass 28 million Likes.

Last, but not least, the NORAD Tracks Santa page saw a huge jump over the Christmas holiday, with status updates noting Santa Claus’ progress across the globe, growing 253,000 to reach 999,400 Likes.