BTW, The Winner Of ‘The Boss’ Is…

This comment, from “mr123”:

In early 2009, he says…

A very strong employee was getting laid off. She was a non-manager, a hard worker and employed in a key area of future growth for the company. But her department had to be trimmed like all others and she drew a short straw—despite sincere effort by her direct supervisor.
She was let go a day before her long-scheduled vacation without severance and without a face-to-face from the VP who made the decision.
Three weeks later, she was called back in—asked to fill in temporarily as a contractor for another employee on family leave. She said yes because she needed the cash.
On her first day back, she bumped into the VP in the hallway. His only comment: ‘You’re like gum on the sole of my shoe?’

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mr says, “It’s pretty much how he handled every delicate situation I’ve ever witnessed—including the day soon after that he laid me off.”

Mr123 gets a shiny new book all about terrible bosses (so he can relive the moment or something?). And hey, if you didn’t win—or didn’t enter—we’ll be doing more of these. So keep reading.