BT Turning PSP into Phone

Pocket-lint has learned that British Telecom is looking to help folks in the UK turn their Sony PlayStation Portables (PSPs) into mobile phones.


BT’s Go!Messenger service, which will launch for the PSP at the end of the month, will let PSP owners make voice and video calls on the device to other Go!Messenger users from any Wi-Fi hotspot “anywhere in the world,” according to Pocket-lint.

“We are hoping that the 11 million PSP owners will want to talk to each other via video using the console,” a BT spokesperson told the site. What the telco really wants is for PSP users to choose the Go!Messenger calling option with its video functionality over Skype, which is also available on the handheld device. To make video calls with BT service, however, users need the PSP webcam add-on that attaches to the top of the unit.