Bryant Urstadt Joins Planet Money as Senior Editor

He comes over from Bloomberg Businessweek.

NPR’s Planet Money team adds Bryant Urstadt as senior editor. Urstadt, who starts Monday, comes over from Bloomberg Businessweek, where he was a features editor.

“Bryant is blessed with great long-form editing skills and a sharp mind for making business and economics stories engaging to a general audience. He brought those talents to pieces like an adaptation of Ashlee Vance’s recent biography of Elon Musk as well as Paul Ford’s magnificent issue-length essay What is Code?,” writes NPR Business Desk supervising senior editor Neal Carruth in an email to staff.

In turn, Ford called Bryant a “brilliant editor” and told Carruth, “He loves writers and he’s got what everyone calls ‘a great ear,’ and I can’t wait to hear—actually hear! with my own ears!—what he’ll do at Planet Money.”

Planet Money delivers easily digestible economic and financial news through a podcast that comes out twice a week, and segments that appear on Morning Edition, All Things Considered and This American Life.