Brutal Studio Launches Finger vs Axes on Android

finger vs axes 650

Canadian indie game developer Brutal Studio has announced the launch of its newest game, Finger vs Axes, on Android devices. The game challenges players to hold their finger on the screen at all times, with this finger becoming a character within the game. Enemies will then attack the player’s finger, which can fight back with weapons of its own.

Each level of Finger vs Axes is designed as a light fighting game, as players work to drain an enemy’s health bar before being defeated themselves. Players tap and hold on the screen to play, and release to pause. While on the screen, players can swipe their finger at enemies to “bash” them. Enemies retaliate by latching onto the finger, and players must quickly swipe back and forth to shake them off.

Levels become more difficult over time, with additional obstacles for players’ fingers to avoid. For instance, one sees players avoiding axes that are flung into the air, while another sees archers appear from the side of the screen to shoot arrows at their finger.

As players win battles, they’ll earn coins that can be spent on weapons or defenses for their finger, as well as new costumes for enemies. These weapons include iron flails and machine guns, while shields and medicine will protect the player from harm. Instead of earning coins for free, players can also purchase coins and these items instantly with real money.

Once players have completed the game, they can start from the beginning on two harder difficulty levels. Depending on the success of this title, the developer may release other games in the “Finger vs” franchise.

Finger vs Axes is available to download for free on Google Play, and is coming soon to iOS.