Brush Up On History

Back in November Todd and I recorded a podcast where we talked about buying applications in the Android Market. If you are interested in hearing what we had to say then, click the play button below. Some time soon we’ll get together on Skype to record another podcast.

Truth be told, I haven’t bought a lot of applications as for the most part the applications I need or want are free. However, today the history buff in me caused me to buy the Associated Press’ new Today In History application for $.99. The application is listed in the Brain & Puzzle category of the Market because it includes a sliding picture puzzle game.

Beside the game, the application shows the historic events of a given date, which is how I know that on this date in 1972 President Richard M. Nixon departed on his historic trip to China. The application also displays a list of the people born on a date, as shown below.

Image courtesy of the Associated Press

I think Today In History will be a nice addition to the AP News application that I already use on my T-Mobile myTouch 3G.