Bruno Mars, Subway, Turkey, Disney, Vin Diesel and Converse on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Facebook’s top Pages continued to be dominated mostly by musicians, but food, celebrity, Turkish apps and various media companies made an appearance this week, too. Musicians like Rihanna and Lady Gaga are regulars on the list, but musician Bruno Mars made an appearance this week, as did Aerosmith. Food was on the list, too, with Subway and Pringles, in addition to several media companies like Disney and the Converse shoe company. The Pages on our list grew from between 535,700 and 2.6 million Likes, we measure the growth of Pages with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

1. Bruno Mars7,747,981+2,632,468+51%
2. Subway6,648,846+2,263,418+52%
3. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk846,784+846,784+0.0%
4. Amerikan Bayrağının 1 Milyon Hayranı Varsa Türk Bayrağının 70 Milyonu Geçer828,763+828,763+0.0%
5. Rihanna33,505,211+774,561+2%
6. Lady Gaga34,806,862+722,452+2%
7. Disney23,669,451+721,226+3%
8. Facebook41,135,533+708,511+2%
9. Shakira29,799,147+690,219+2%
10. Eminem36,632,305+670,077+2%
11. Will Smith18,541,930+629,465+4%
12. Bob Marley25,049,857+627,602+3%
13. Harry Potter23,932,167+618,590+3%
14. Vin Diesel24,177,900+616,947+3%
15. YouTube33,897,860+601,891+2%
16. Aerosmith3,577,593+567,733+19%
17. Converse16,993,691+551,524+3%
18. Nhật ký548,752+548,752+0.0%
19. Cristiano Ronaldo26,393,273+537,902+2%
20. Pringles13,876,929+535,693+4%

Bruno Mars topped the list with 2.6 million new Likes to his 7.7 million total; the landing tab for his Page features tour and music video information and the Wall contains news of recent awards and charity work. Rihanna, with 774,600 new Likes to add to her 33.5 million, also won some awards. Lady Gaga drew 722,500 new Likes to her 34.8 million this week with the launch of her new album.

Shakira’s 690,200 Likes pushed her Page’s total to 29.8 million, she’s been posting videos to her Wall. Eminem’s Page features music videos on the landing tab, drawing 670,100 Likes to his 36.6 million total. Bob Marley’s Page grew by 627,600 Likes to pass 25 million by featuring music, story and video posts. Finally, Aerosmith’s Page grew by 567,800 Likes to reach 3.5 million; the Page also promoted a recent appearance on the TV show “The Simpsons.”

Food featured this week included Subway with 2.2 million Likes to grow the Page to 6.6 million, partly due to a Commit to Fit sweepstakes featuring up to $25,000 in prizes. Also, Pringles with 535,700 Likes grew the Page to 13.8 million, featured a Share Your Way Sweepstakes with 181 prizes.

Two Turkish Pages were as usual big on the list this week. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk grew to 846,800 Likes this week; he was the first president of Turkey and a prominent historical figure. Secondly, another Turkish flag Page, Amerikan Bayrağının 1 Milyon Hayranı Varsa Türk Bayrağının 70 Milyonu Geçer, grew this week to 828,800 Likes.

There were media properties on the list. Disney with 721,200 Likes to grew to just about 23.7 million by posting photos and animated film stills. Facebook with 708,500 Likes to pass 41.4 million. YouTube with 601,900 Likes to almost make it to 34 million. Then, “Harry Potter,” which added 618,600 Likes to almost make 24 million by promoting the final installment of the series.

Celebrities made an appearance, too. Will Smith with 629,500 Likes to his 18.5 million updated with a visit to Oprah. Vin Diesel with 617,000 Likes to grow the Page to 24.1 million added a landing tab that asks users to invite friends to his Page. Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page grew by 537,900 Likes to its 26.3 million with updates about his professional matches. The remaining Pages, Converse with 551,500 Likes and a 16.9 million total and Nhật ký (Diary in Vietnamese) added 548,800 Likes this week.