Media Falls for Daily Mail Bruce Willis-iTunes Story

What’s more embarrassing? The Daily Mail cranking out a crazy September 2 item about Bruce Willis’ Rumer-ed plans to sue Apple for the right to bequeath his iTunes collection, or legitimate press picking up the item on a slow Labor Day news weekend?

FishbowlLA is going to vote for the latter. Among those duped and now apologizing, sort of, is

Update: Like many of our peers, we also fell for this good old British tabloid rumor at first. We have updated the story now that Willis’ wife has denied that this story was true.

The Daily Mail item was updated early Monday morning, but apparently not for the purposes of a correction. That’s generally something the hourly-article-quota gang at the world’s most-read newspaper website don’t have time for. Meanwhile, reader Jambo may have sniffed out another problem with the discordant dispatch:

Nobody seems to have mentioned that this ‘story’ is completely fabricated and has been denied by Bruce’s wife. Also, what is going on in the first picture? The girls on the right is casting a shadow on the girl in the middle but there is no shadow cast on the girl at the left. There is something strange about the girl in the middle’s hand. Another Photoshop Fail I think…