Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, way before Nirvana…

Rick Moody, fresh from rocking out with the Wingdale Community Singers, laments the strange new sounds the kids are listening to these days. Is it because he’s getting old, he wonders? Or is it them? “Can it be that rock and roll is in historical disarray? Can it be that no one (excepting the brilliant Nels Cline, currently playing with Wilco) has done anything interesting with the electric guitar since Sonic Youth recorded Daydream Nation?” (One thing is certain, Rick: you can still drop an esoteric musical reference with the best of ’em!) He wonders, sadly, why it’s only the women rocking these days. THE WOMEN! Well, Rick, far be it from us to point out how bitchin’ Hansen was in their heyday or dare we say Sir Mix-A-Lot, but we’re gonna go with you’re getting old. Sorry, dude.

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