Springsteen Has One More Date With ‘The Dump That Jumps’

The Boss first performed at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena Oct. 30, 1980.

The West Coast media has been having fun this week revisiting Bruce Springsteen’s nickname for the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, where The Boss has brought his latest tour. After shows Tuesday and Thursday, Springsteen is set to close out the location for good this weekend with one final Saturday night blast. The site is set to be razed.


Keith Sharon, a staff writer with the Orange County Register, had one of the best takes on Springsteen’s intertwined history with the building. He started off his piece with a look at “Wrecking Ball,” Springsteen’s ode to Giants Stadium. After a summary of some of the sporting and political high points held over the years at the Arena, he brings it back to a couple of long-time local Boss fans:

Brian Neeley of Rancho Santa Margarita remembers the second night Springsteen played at the Sports Arena. It was Halloween 1980.

“They carried Bruce out in a coffin and did a little skit about trying different ways to bring him back to life,” Neeley said. “The only thing that worked was his guitar. It was hilarious. He then went right into an old song called “Haunted House.””

Neeley goes on to talk about another Springsteen Arena show held especially for Vietnam veterans, which kicked off with a cover version of “Who’ll Stop the Rain.”

A funny side note about the Arena: The building is a pit of doom when it comes to Wi-Fi and cell phone reception. During last night’s show, there was essentially only one fan who was able to hold a Periscope feed from his back-of-the-arena, upper level spot. Once that concertgoer’s battery died, to the dismay of fans far afield, that was pretty much it. Then again, given the nostalgic feel of Springsteen at the Arena, perhaps that’s the way it should be.

Update (March 20):
Here’s Springsteen sending off the Coliseum crowd on Saturday night with “Wrecking Ball” (wonderfully shot and generously uploaded by user TheAussiemusicman):

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