Bruce Nussbaum Says ‘We Don’t Know !#@*!’


Bruce Nussbaum offers up a whole slew of talk over at his BusinessWeek blog, giving the entire transcript of a speech he gave this week for Innovation Night at the Royal College of Art. The subject of the speech is about ignorant designers and ignorant CEOs (neither of whom are described as sucking). Well, yeah, that sounds a lot more harsh than it is, but he talks a lot about what’s getting lost in the shuffle, both at the top with executives not really understanding the importance of design and embracing changing marketplace, as well as with designers thinking about the same thing. And in between that bits of synopsis, he talks about nearly everything else in the world. The whole thing is a little tough to follow and we’re sure it was better in real life, but it’s worth a read, as there are some nice nuggets of info therein. Here’s a little bit right about when he really starts to get going:

Let’s get up to 30,000 feet for a bit to see what big forces at play around the world are shaping design. Let me begin by saying that we don’t know !#@*! I’m sorry but it is true. There are moments in history when the pace of change is so fast and the shape of the future so fuzzy that we live in a constant state of beta.