Brownstoner Within Reach


Oh, you lucky folk in New York. Tomorrow night (Thursday), from 7pm-9pm, the proprietor of Brownstoner, a terrific site about all things Brooklyn and Brownstone housing (which is a lot more generally interesting than you’d think — everything from architecture, real estate, history to misc. stuff), will be giving a talk at the Design Within Reach store in Brooklyn Heights. If you’re a designer, sheerly by association you have to be interested in renovation. Because, really, it has all of those tiny, unexpected elements you find have to struggle with from start to finish, which is just like every kind of creativity imaginable. What’s more, the entire process of renovating his own Brownstone was chronicled on a side blog on the site and it was interesting in a way that those perky morons on HGTV, explaining to you why adding drapes is something, something, blah, something, blah, blah, are absolutely not. Point is: if you have easy access to Brookyln, go to this thing. You’ll have a great time. Wish we could join you.