Jack Nicholson Doctoral Debut Flies Below Media Radar

The only thing Brown University did wrong with its 2011 Commencement ceremonies was to schedule them smack dab in the middle of Memorial Day weekend. As a result, Jack Nicholson‘s Sunday acceptance of an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree is getting nowhere near the media coverage that it should.

The best account of what went down at Brown this weekend comes from fellow honoree Arianna Huffington. She blogs that Nicholson brought the house down with the line, “Particle research is one of my special hobbies.”

Also accepting an honorary degree on Sunday was Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times foreign correspondent Nicholas Kristof. Normally, celebrity recipients do not get to speak at the podium, but by public acclaim, Jack was forced to say a few words.

You can watch his appearance here (at the 42-minute mark). As a newly anointed man of letters, perhaps Nicholson can now write a short story about what happened to the Lakers this playoff season. It was a dark and stormy sweep…