Brown Family Slams Goldman Family On Release Of O.J. If I Did It Book

nymag-regan-cover.jpgSome recent updates to the If I Did It saga. First, the family of Nicole Brown Simpson sent an unsolicited statement to FishbowlNY (perhaps because of our previous coverage of the family’s threats against New York magazine over its Judith Regan article) slamming the family of Ron Goldman for their desire to collect on Simpson’s If I Did It now that a judge has ordered its publication.

While we understand the Goldman’s position to collect on the judgment, allowing a ‘manual on murder’ to resurface into the general public is an inappropriate approach. The Goldman’s sudden reversal of positions to justify the auction of these rights and subsequent publication and that ‘the book’ is Simpson’s confession is transparent to their true motive which is to collect money. Everybody knows Simpson did it; we don’t need his written confession. This overzealous pursuit to collect on the judgment does not morally justify a means to the end. In our opinion, ‘the books’ re-circulation will ‘commercialize abuse’ and put other victims of domestic violence at risk.

Denise and the Brown family say they are mulling “all legal options.”

Meanwhile, via Variety, News Corp.’s HarperCollins has finally filled the staffing void left by Judith Regan‘s firing. Yesterday, they hired Lisa Sharkey, the former head of Al Roker’s production company, to mine “pop culture and the world of celebrity.” Sharkey won’t have her own imprint, though.

By the way, settlement talks between Regan and News Corp. appear to have broken off.


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