Reporter Reveals The Weed Fairy’s Miami Connection

Our favorite tweet from The Weed Fairy, the Brooklyn benefactor who has been making headlines for leaving bowls of pick-me-up around town, was the one stressing they should not be confused with a certain late night TV prankster:

Today, Miami New Times reporter (and Columbia Journalism school alum) Allie Conti is informing readers that the Fairy hails from South Florida. She also got a firm no-comment from the 23-year-old Park Slope denizen responsible for all this, a gal named Yeni Sleidi. (Try saying that five times, fast, after partaking in The Weed Fairy’s wares.)

Conti also links in her item to some of the fun coverage The Weed Fairy received from Gawker’s Camille Dodero. FishbowlNY is willing to bet this will lead for Sleidi to either a connected job offer or some sort of Hollywood option for a movie of the same name. That is, if it hasn’t already.