Expert System CEO Brooke Aker: Semantic Web Will Make Social Media 'Stickier'

How might semantic Web technology change social media? Writer Katie Bunker asked Brooke Aker, chief executive officer of Expert System, a leading semantic technology firm, and speaker at’s upcoming Semantic Web Summit.

“The semantic Web will make social media ‘stickier’ between people. Current systems that look for ways to connect people rely on keyword indexes. These systems are brittle and often not very deep in the ways people connect.”

“Keyword systems can’t understand my profile with keywords like skiing & racing. I end up getting matched to groups that ski, but also other kinds of racing (car, sailing, etc.). A social media site like eHarmony matches people one on one but only after you take a 29 question survey. Facebook, Twitter and the rest don’t even ask for keywords. Semantic Web technology can read and understand what you write just like we read and contextualize. So when I write ‘I love skiing and racing Giant Slalom on East Coast hard pack,’ the semantic Web can understand me as a Giant Slalom ski racer and not a skier and racer of various types.”

Brooke Aker discusses the future of semantic advertising at the upcoming Semantic Web Summit East Nov. 16-17 in Boston.