Broncos Fans Prefer BBQ, Seahawks Fans Like Sushi [Infographic]

Broncos fans and Seahawks fans differ in much more than football, according to an analysis of their online behavior.

Using data from its advertising intelligence platform, Exponential analyzed the online behavior of 260,000 Broncos fans and 254,000 Seahawks fans. Looking at preferences for food, drinks, music, TV and more, they came up with some interesting insights:

  • Broncos fans lean towards barbeque, while Seahawks fans like sushi and seafood.
  • Country is the music genre of choice for Broncos fans, while jazz is the top genre for Seahawks fans.
  • When it comes to TV, game shows win amongst Broncos fans, while Seahawks fans enjoy watching science fiction and the news.

Check out more insights in the full infographic: