Broken Metro Elevator Blogger Lashes Out

Washington D.C.’s Dupont South Metro towering escalator is shutting down for eight months and an unknown writer is clearly upset about it.

That’s putting it mildly.

The anonymous blogger is posting items on from the point of view of…the elevator. So far two entries and a few things are abundantly clear: 1. Children and old people should not read this blog. 2. The writer hates fat people. 3. The writer has no sympathy … for anyone. 4. This could be funny in the long run.

From Jan. 16:

“You’ve probably met me before… you’ve probably walked up and down me.  In fact, if you are super lucky, I might have actually transported you up or down. But, for the most part, I’m broke d–k.  That’s the story of my life.”

From Jan. 17:

“I am going on vacation sucka’s and you can hoof your asses up and down my steps for two thirds of 2012. … In any case fatties, get ready to lose some of your porkbellies.”