Broken Bulb Studios follows up Miscrits’ success with Hero Conquest

Broken Bulb Studios, the developer behind the popular Miscrit games on Facebook, today launched an original IP with Hero Conquest.
Hero Conquest is a superhero-themed role-playing and strategy game. Players control teams of heroes as they fight petty criminals and rampaging supervillains in a bid to retake Concord City, a once-thriving metropolis that’s been overrun by crime. Combat is turn-based and requires players to take things into account like character placement, attack strengths and battlefield conditions.
The game is a mid-core title from Broken Bulb, which has some experience in the field. The studio saw the most success with its monster collecting games Miscrits of Volcano Island and Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom. Even though Sunfall Kingdom launched in early 2010, the game still has 160,000 daily active users. Meanwhile, Volcano Island launched in late 2011 and has 120,000 DAU.
Hero Conquest is live on Facebook. Expect to see our review of the game sometime this week.

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