Brokeback and Breaking Hardball’s Back

Chris Matthews is coming under heat from some bloggers for his recent comments on Don Imus’ radio program.

    MATTHEWS: Well, the wonderful Michael Savage, who’s on [WTNT AM] 570 in D.C., who shares a station with you at least, he said — he calls it — what’s he call it? “Bareback Mounting.” That’s his name for the movie.”

    IMUS: Right. Of course, Bernard calls it “Fudgepack Mountain,” but that’s probably —

Petty? Perhaps. But that’s not the only thing bloggers are upset about (trust us, it doesn’t take much).

Others are on Matthews’ case. Consider, “a coalition of more than 20 of the top progressive and moderate political blogs, with a collective daily readership of over 1 million visitors, including DailyKos, Eschaton, AMERICAblog, MyDD, Annatopia, and more (for a full listing, see our home page)” that’s claiming “Chris Matthews has repeatedly compared Americans who are concerned about the war in Iraq to Osama bin Laden.”

The coalition is targeting Hardball’s advertisers, including Toyota, Verizon and Turbo-Tax, although without any success thus far.

Will Matthews capitulate to the blogosphere? Or would an apology–or clarification–make Hardball seem too soft?

(Speaking of Matthews, it was hard to not to do a double take at this Matthews gem from Sunday’s “Chris Matthews Show”: “For me, the ’57 Chevy is like the old girlfriend — you know, the one that got away.”)