Brokaw Scores With First “Meet”

This past Sunday was Tom Brokaw’s first at the helm of “Meet the Press” since the death of Tim Russert (save the tribute show). We’ve got our hands on the overnights…

In Washington, “Meet” averaged 149,000 viewers (5.6/16 HH), +247% more than Face The Nation’s 43,000 (1.9/5), +273% more than FOX News Sunday’s 40,000 (1.4/4), and +521% more than This Week’s 24,000 (1.2/3)

Overall in the metered markets, “Meet” averaged 3.2/9 HH rating, +60% more than This Week’s 2.0/6 HH rating, +68% more than Face The Nations’ 1.9/5 HH rating, and +220% more than FOX News Sunday’s 1.0/3 HH rating.

(These ratings are a slight dip from last week’s “Meet,” which was hosted by Brian Williams…)