‘Brokaw Explains Canada’ Takes Internet by Storm

Ever since it aired Feb. 12 — during NBC’s run-up to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony — Tom Brokaw’s feature story on the history of the U.S.-Canada relationship has become an online favorite.

It’s been viewed more than 479,000 times on YouTube. And, “the search term ‘Brokaw explains Canada,'” reports the Calgary Herald, is “the No. 1 Twitter trending topic” in Canada.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, sports columnist Jim Williams asked Brokaw if he ever expected such an “overwhelming response.”

“No,” said Brokaw. “But as I began to work on it, I realized that the combination of natural wonders, long cooperative relationship, shared values, and immigrant roots bound us together in a manner unmatched in the history of neighbors. And we need to be reminded of that, especially when there is so much global strife.”

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