Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson Has a New Podcast, and It’s About Modern and Contemporary Art

It's a WNYC Studios/MoMa collaboration

The key bit of information you need to make sense of the fact that contemporary and modern art is the subject of Broad City co-creator Abbi Jacobson’s new podcast is that Jacobson, like her character, actually does art. She studied it at the Maryland Institute College of Art before pursuing performance post graduation.

The podcast, a 10-episode limited series called A Piece of Work, is a collaboration between WNYC Studios, WNYC’s podcast creation wing, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and will feature Jacobson filling the role of your friendly local tour guide who also happens to bring some famous friends, as well as experts, on the tour. Famous friends will include Samantha Irby, Mark Morris, Questlove, RuPaul and Tavi Gevinson.

“I’m thrilled to not only be jumping back into the art world, but to be able to explore it in such an intimate way. Until I started this project, I didn’t realize how many questions I had, and how much I missed looking at and talking about art. Museums can be intimidating spaces, and I hope this podcast makes them more accessible,” said Jacobson in a statement.

Beginning July 10, episodes will drop twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Each episode with cover a specific idea, from light to abstraction to text-based art, and will examine those ideas through two works from MoMa’s collection. The first episode, devoted to “Everyday Objects” is jam packed. Guests include Hannibal Buress, and from MoMa, Ann Temkin, The Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture and Anne Umland, The Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Curator of Painting and Sculpture.

It starts with Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel, iconic in its own right and also as the emblem of the ultimate “What is art?” conversation starter. The second object in the episode is Meret Oppenheim’s Object, which you may have described to yourself or others at some point as furry cup, furry saucer, furry spoon; We have.

You can find the episodes in places like WNYC and Apple podcasts, or, for a change, on MoMa’s site.