'You Can't Take YouTube Income For Granted' –YouTube Viral Video Star Brittani Louise Taylor

YouTube Partner Brittani Taylor talks about her experience with online video, as well as what advice she would give to video creators looking to follow in her footsteps to YouTube success.

Brittani Louise Taylor is one of the most popular ladies of YouTube. She’s the 42nd most-subscribed to YouTube partner of all time, with over 710,000 subscribers and over 83 million video views. Brittani prides herself on her love of cupcakes and she is all about speading the love with shoutouts to her subscribers and adorably hilarious content. I had the opportunity to ask Brittani a few questions about her experience with YouTube and online video in general, as well as what advice she would give to video creators looking to follow in her footsteps to YouTube success.

Before we get to my interview with Brittani, let’s find out a little more about her and her videos. Brittani is an actress and artist and a crazed cupcake fanatic. In her videos, Brittani plays a bunch of different characters, from the crazy life coach Rhonda Anthony Tanner to her own crazy internet stalker Will (who’s a little United States of Tara-esque), and of course herself. She’s also racked up millions of views with her pop song parodies, including this Katy Perry ‘California Gurls’ parody, which has been viewed over 3.8 million times.

Brittani has also done some fun branded campaigns, including smuggling teddy bears and dissing Lamborghini for Ford Fiesta and, most recently, dressing up like a big nut for Wonderful Pistachios.

Now that you’ve got a little background on Brittani, check out what she had to say about how she got into web video, YouTube partnership and more.
Megan at Social Times: When did you first start uploading videos to the web and how long did it take until people started to take notice?
Brittani Louise Taylor: I started uploading videos in 2008 I think? At the time, I was hired to do my own web show for this independent live broadcasting studio, “Operator 11”. They ran out of money and shut down after six months, but before they shut down I was getting 100,000+ views per episode.
My mom suggested that I try Youtube, and after two years of uploading videos there I meet my amazing friend Shane Dawson. It is because of him that anyone even watches my stuff!
Megan: Can you tell us a little bit about the process of how you became a YouTube Partner?
BLT: Well I had 3,000+ subscribers when I applied. Some people are approached by YouTube and invited to join the program, but they also let you apply at YouTube.com/Partners.
Megan: You’ve done a lot of work with brands. What’s that like? Do you generally have creative freedom when working with brands? Do they give you any “rules”?
BLT: Each brand is different. Some give you free reign, and others want full scripts and to be updated at every step along the way. As for rules, don’t bash the brand or do anything that would show it in a negative light! So no nudity, cussing, adult content, etc. That is pretty easy for me, as I am a goody two shoes anyways! 😛
Megan: Do you currently make a living entirely off of online video? If so, how long did it take you to get to that point?
BLT: I can pay my bills by the videos I make, but I am by no means rich. I think it was two years before I could fully pay my rent every month. I had to have a bunch of part time jobs, and all my money went into props and my videos. You can’t expect or take for granted income from YouTube or Adsense, so I’m really careful to save for a rainy day.