Britney’s New Fragrance Stinks

Paris: check. Brad: check. Why not? Let’s throw some Britney in the mix today, shall we?

Miss Swissmiss gives us an item related to the former pop star that is almost as disturbing as her parenting skills: Elizabeth Arden blatantly ripped off fundraising site mondonation‘s t-shirt logo for Spears’ new fragrance, Believe. And it gets worse. More from Young Go Getter:

The kicker about mondonation is that it was set-up to support lots of international charities, by donating part of the profits from each shirt sale. I had a chance to speak to Ward Bingham the founder of the company last year about what they were doing and how my disaster relief agency, could find support from what he was doing. We since have joined up as a partner charity and I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of the project ever since.

Hey, the greatest freedom is to believe in yourself.