Britney Spears Goes Social, Sort Of

We’ve heard this kind of news before. Famous people getting into the online bandwagon. Tom did it with his own website. Presidential candidates have done it with their campaigns. And now look who is going social and even utilizing one of the most popular web 2.0 app? Britney Spears on Twitter. But aside from that words on the street say that she also got her Facebook and MySpace account and of course here own interactive website, is well and alive.

We could understand the interactive “bloggy” kind of site as TC’s Arrington put it. Britney and her publicity manager can get away with updating that site. Even her Facebook and MySpace account can be updated even without Britney doing it herself. But what Britnet shouldn’t do is to let her publicity managers do the updating of her Twitter account.

If she wants to maximize the power of Twitter in reaching out to her fans, Britney must do her Twittering activities on her own. Otherwise, she would just be desecrating the essence of our beloved micro-blogging service Twitter. Twitter is a personal tool for updating our contacts, for communicating with them. It shouldn’t be used for other purposes, albeit for campaign purposes.

Common Britney, we know you’ve got a lot of time in your hands. If you want to gain leverage in “our world”, Twitter on you own.

Aside from Twitter, dear old Britney also got a Facebook and MySpace account here.