British Museum Gets Headache After Numerous Complaints About Expansion Plans


As we learned just last week by looking at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Tate Modern, sometimes you get the good from adding new wings to your museums and sometimes everyone gets angry with you. Such is the lay of the land with these things we suppose. So is it now with the British Museum, who has run into big trouble with their plans to add a new batch of space to the rear of their massive building(s), for three key reasons laid out by detractors of the plans: a) it’s too big and expensive to do this, b) it’ll be too modern and mess up the classical look of what’s there now, and c) all of the views will be blocked from within the current structures. So, in general, everyone hates everything about it, proving, once again, why you should be happy that you’re not an architect who lands commissions like this one.

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