British Invasion: ‘Guardian’ to Join Gawker, ‘Daily Mail’ in Soho

U.K. paper’s U.S. operation will move to 536 Broadway

A month after Guardian News & Media launched the homepage for its expanded U.S. operation,, the stateside digital team is already planning on relocating, going from Manhattan’s fashion district to swankier digs in Soho.

The Guardian intends to move into The Onion’s current building, 536 Broadway, just two doors down from the apartment of Brit gossip merchant Nick Denton, who confirmed the news, and whose Gawker Media offices are just around the corner. Two’s company, but three’s a crowd. Soho is also home to the New York office of another British newspaper, The Daily Mail. That office opened in February of this year.

The Guardian's new neighbor, the satirical newspaper The Onion, decided last month that it would move its editorial operations to Chicago, where its corporate headquarters are located—a decision that shocked many staffers. No date has been set for the move, however, and a staffer there said The Onion would be staying in the space "at least until the end of the year."

The Guardian currently shares its office space with, which it's owned since 2008.

Update: This article originally stated that The Guardian would be moving into The Onion’s offices. That is not the case. The Guardian is moving into the same office building, 536 Broadway. The Onion’s move to Chicago has no bearing on The Guardian’s own relocation. Adweek regrets the error.