British Counterparts Rank American Pundits

Some of our friends across the pond have compiled a list of who they believe to be the most influential political pundits in the colonies states. Several of our D.C. colleagues did quite well. Chris Matthews came at number two, just behind Karl Rove. John Harris and Jim VandeHei came in at number five, sandwiched between Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh. Tim Russert also cracked the Top 10, beating out Jon Stewart. Time’s Mark Halperin rounded out the Top 10, just behind the NYT’s David Brooks.

Other notable D.C. journos on the list included Chuck Todd at 14, Joe Klein at 20, Mike Allen at 23, Juan Williams and William Kristol respectively at 31 and 32, Posties Howard Kurtz and Eugene Robinson respectively at 34 and 37, Tony Snow at 40, and Fred Barnes at 45.