Yahoo! Media Manager Battles British Airways Bedbugs

Will airlines never learn? Unhappy with the response she got from British Airways after complaining about bedbug bites suffered during flights from Los Angeles to London and Bangalore to London, 28-year-old LA based Yahoo! product manager Zane Selkirk launched a website about her ordeal.

The URL pun says it all – And when you are a senior manager at a leading media company, posting accounts of flight #1 (January 28th) and flight #2 (February 5th) along with incriminating photos is no trouble at all. Writes Selkirk:

BA “Customer Service” refused to acknowledge absolutely anything about my situation, nor protect future customers from a second possible infestation. I was told by the Customer Service desk that they do not have the authority to help customers with any complaints. (Literally.)

Selkirk’s website sparked extensive UK media coverage starting last week with the Financial Times and her story was picked up locally on Friday by KTLA,, and LA Weekly. Today, she tells Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald that British Airways has since offered her a cash refund, which she has refused. A spokesperson for the airline is also quoted in the article as saying that at least one of the aircraft in question was temporarily taken out of circulation so it could be properly cleaned.

P.S. Selkirk’s account of how she detoxed at LAX with the help of her boyfriend is gruesomely fascinating.