Britain Works to Ban Pedophiles From Facebook

Britain has been announcing a number of policies over the past few days to protect children online. Today, the Home Office in Birtain released a plan which “involves forcing sex offenders to give any e-mail address they use to police, who will then ask the Web sites to block their access.” Many of the policies being instituted in Britain may force many of the large social networks to create new systems to ensure that both children are protected and that convicted sex offenders can’t register.

The NY State Attorney General’s office has also been extremely aggressive in seeking similar measures to be taken by social networks. The plan in Britain revolves around registered sex offenders registering all email addresses that they have created online. If the convicted child sex offender uses an unregistered email, they could face up to five years in prison.

This policy isn’t full-proof though since it takes seconds to create a new email address on the internet. It is hard to track who is registering what and as such there will be many challenges in enforcement. My suggestion is for the state to simply install a software on registered sex offenders’ computers which monitors their activity. If the software is disable, they’ll hear somebody knocking at their door. What do you think?