Bristol Palin Isn’t Going Rogue, but @Bristol_Palin is Causing some Embarrassment

There’s been a lot of media attention on Bristol Palin lately, but not for anything she’s actually said or done – instead, the attention is on a fake Twitter account posing as Bristol. The account made some embarrassing remarks about Bristol’s mother Sarah Palin, whose PR camps has had to issue a statement denying its veracity.

The big tweet from @Bristol_Palin that got the attention of the media was posted on Sunday:

Calling out her mother as part of the problem she decries was enough for the mainstream media to pounce on Bristol’s apparent Twitter account. With a little digging, they found that the account had only been active since December 30, 2010, and that it interacted largely with another account also set up on December 30th – @WillowPalinUSA.

After much speculation about whether this was a fake account or not, the Washington Examiner got at the truth: Sarah Palin’s people told them that “This is fake and Bristol will likely issue a statement,” on Monday. Notably, Bristol herself has yet to issue this proposed statement.

And the controversy might have ended there, had it not been for a new tweet posted minutes ago:

The media outlets and journalists that @Bristol_Palin mentions are those who have reported the account as fake. Clearly, whoever is behind this account isn’t giving up the ruse without a fight.