BringIt’s Skill-Based Gaming Could Be the Best Place for Facebook Credits

Social game enhancement service BringIt says it’s seen strong engagement results from integrating its skill-based mini-games into social games like CrowdStar’s Happy Aquarium, but the future of the platform could lie in “remnant” Facebook Credits.

BringIt increases engagement in social games by adding skill-based “mini-games” where players can essentially bet virtual currency on themselves as they play an arcade-style game like match-3. Depending on how well the player performs, the mini-game pays out its parent social game’s premium currency as a prize. BringIt recently updated its service to accept Facebook Credits for bets, though winnings are still doled out in its social game partners’ in-game hard currency.

By adding Facebook Credits, BringIt has tapped into a revenue stream based on the idea of “remnant” or leftover Facebook Credits that players are bound to find themselves with after spending the bulk of their supply on actual in-game items. It’s very much like the old arcade machines that cost a single quarter per play being placed next to the more elaborate arcade games that cost 75 cents — only with BringIt, you could potentially win more currency to go spend on the more elaborate game.

When BringIt first experimented with this integration in RockYou’s Zoo World, it found that 6.5 percent of users will try the skill game. Of those, 55 percent come back daily to play again, leading to an average increase of 6 minutes and 30 seconds in session time. BringIt found similar results when it recently partnered with TheBroth to add a “Barn Blast” match-3 mini-game into Barn Buddy and its Turkish language version, Komşu Çiftlik. BringIt also has added other integration features to its service such as daily bonuses, gifting mechanics, tournaments and leaderboards.

Going forward, BringIt CEO Woodrow Levin says that the company is looking at a mobile offering for its social game partners that would use the same wallet. This could be a huge help to social game developers wanting to expand their intellectual property onto iOS and Android without actually having to develop an entirely new product for the platform.