Bringing the Stench of New York Straight to Your Doorstep

Another little bit of fun for a Friday (quickly becoming the most fun day this week, no?) in this story that ran in Ad Age this week: “Advertising Art Director Turns NYC Garbage Into Artworks.” The title kind of explains it all for you. It’s all about a clever, yet silly idea, gathering up New York trash and selling it in an attractive package, that’s made this guy a growing fortune. Here’s some:

Not just any trash, mind you, but garbage picked straight off the streets of New York and artfully arranged in clear plastic cubes that Mr. Gignac signs. Over the past five years, Mr. Gignac, who toils for Toy, the ad boutique founded last year by former Fallon, New York, duo Ari Merkin and Anne Bologna, has sold more than 800 of these refuse dioramas. His customers come from all over, not to mention MTV, which handed out 200 of them at a sales conference. A true creative, Mr. Gignac is not sure how much in sales he’s generated, but he puts it somewhere in the $15,000-$20,000 range.