Politicians look to dominate YouTube

The Queen of England has one. So does the Japanese Prime Minister. And nearly every presidential candidate has one. Does your local politician have one?

It’s pretty easy to set up your own YouTube channel and potentially reach millions of viewers so it makes sense that many politicians have their own videos on the crazy popular video site. There are many local, national and international politicians staking their claim on YouTube, but if your local politicians aren’t among them, why not put your own video on YouTube?

Chuck Norris stumps for Mike Huckabee in the Republican
presidential candidate’s YouTube vid.

If you already have footage of local candidates’ speeches, rallies and forums put them on YouTube and watch the users flock to the videos (and if you don’t have footage, shame on you). YouTube visitors looking for information on their fave candidates will very likely be drawn to your content and, if you include a link back to your site, traffic to your related content. Controversial or though-provoking videos are likely to inspire discussion and debate even after the 2008 election is over. Uploading to YouTube is simple and is the height of community and hyperlocal journalism.