Bringing Back the Old New Series 7s


From a press release we ran across, so bear with it, paying as little mind to all the “Can you believe it?” rhetorical questions and abundance of exclamation points (simply implied or otherwise). dkVOGUE, a furniture company out of Florida which deals in Dutch design, is rekindling a 2005 project by the Danish AIDS Foundation wherein famous designers, largely from the fashion world, took a crack at how they would design the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair from 1955, then auctioned them off. Now, dkVOGUE has seven of the 14 that sold and they’re auctioning them off one in March (by David Steiner), along with a handful of other items, including a big batch of original Arne Jacobsen creations. Sounds fun. Bidding for most everything starts at around $1,000.