Bringing All the Fort Wayne Action Right To You!

This was a miscellaneously cool find, by way of Zach Klein. Sweetwater, the big online/catalog company that deals in music equipment (so if you’re a 16 to 72 year old male, it’s likely you, like this writer, are well aware of them and have, on numerous occasions, given thousands upon thousands of dollars on stuff you don’t need), is building a new facility in their home of Fort Wayne, Indiana. That’s not exciting, in and of itself, but the way the company is presenting it on their site is really interesting. They have 3D walkthroughs, floor plans, images from the architects, and so on. It’s not just an impressive place, but it says something for a company that thinks its customers are interested in them enough to feel like sharing this material. Here’s some:

…you can check out our new studios – custom-designed for world-class audio quality by renowned studio designer Russ Berger and his Russ Berger Design Group. Russ is also designing our cutting-edge training auditorium. More than a big conference room, this auditorium will have stellar concert-hall acoustics for audio listening and tests, movie-quality video projection, and more…
The overall campus is patterned after those of Microsoft, Apple, and Google, with all kinds of extras for our customers and visitors. The total facility will encompass more than 150,000 square feet, will cost $27 million dollars, and is projected to take a year to complete, though we will begin moving parts of the company as early as this fall. The facility will be LEED-certified as a “green,” environmentally friendly building.

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