Bring Your Mess With You Wherever You Go

We spent all day yesterday on a shoot that had to do with user interfaces and getting your users or customers to get the most out of their experience. We won’t go into the specifics, but we will tell you that now we’ve got that user-awareness-idea thingie stuck in our head and it was with many happy fortunes that we came across this post on Brand Spanking New about a desktop interface currently in the works called BumpTop. According to the multiple videos they have over on Google Video and this nifty PDF explaining everything, the whole deal seems really cool. All about recreating the way people interact with real-life organization on a digital level (see: your desktop becomes the actual top of a desk). Yet while we’re blown away by the inventiveness we see here, we’re thinking we’d really have to give it a try first to be completely convinced, because our computers’ desktops seem like the only places where things aren’t arranged in disorderly piles.