Bright Idea: LED Lightbulbs Meet Wireless Technology

Tired of ugly lightbulbs and unsightly lightswitches? Dream of dimming lamps with the swipe of your iPhone? Check out RoboSmart, a new wireless LED lighting system that that can be controlled with a smartphone, tablet, or computer over Bluetooth Smart wireless. With an eye to simplifying the typical wireless lighting setup, Ian Crayford and his team at “Automation for the Masses” startup Smart Home Labs have developed an energy-efficient, Bluetooth-enabled LED lightbulb–designed to be a direct replacement for a standard 120V screw-in bulb–and apps (iOS and Android) for controlling it.

“We didn’t just want to take an existing LED lighting design and simply bolt on a circuit board with wireless,” says Clayton. “Our hardware team set out to develop a design that would be easy to put together and cost-effective, to make this technology accessible to the masses.” In addition to on/off and dimmer switch functions, the “Smart Lights” apps allow users to put lights on timers, keep track of power usage, and set proximity lighting, which can turn on and off one or more RoboSmart bulb as the user moves within range. Want to give it go? Silicon Valley-based Smart Home Labs is launching the product with a campaign on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo: the bulbs, priced at $49 each, will ship in February.