BriefMe News App Analyzes Social Media to Rank Top Stories

BriefMe ranks and highlights the most consumed and shared news stories each day.


While there are plenty of news apps to choose from on mobile devices, a new iOS option looks to help users stay up-to-date in a different way, by ranking news stories based, in part, on how often they are being shared on social media. The app is called BriefMe, and it’s powered by a proprietary algorithm which uses topic relevance, in addition to analytics from social media, to determine the top daily articles using a “BriefMe Score.”

The app sends users the three “most consumed” articles each day via push notifications. Inside the app itself, a home feed shows users the top ten articles “of the moment,” with the app also finding the top articles relating to specific categories, including politics, business and entertainment. Users can switch to these news feeds at any time, to find the articles they’d most like to read.

Each article is listed alongside its BriefMe Score, so users can see how it stacks up against other stories. Here, the score is broken down into multiple factors, including the number of tweets, retweets, likes and shares across Twitter and Facebook. Users can tap and hold on an article’s title to read a quick summary, tapping again to read the full article on the original publishing website.

In addition to categories and the top articles feed, users can browse an endless feed of news, as it’s published, under the “Stream” section of the app. Fittingly, readers can share stories back out to social media when they find something particular interesting.

In a statement, Max Campion, CEO of BriefMe, commented on the app’s release:

In today’s endless news cycle, staying informed is a tall and overwhelming task. It’s estimated that the Huffington Post alone publishes more than 1,200 articles daily. BriefMe’s ranking system was specifically developed to filter through the noise, making it easy to quickly find the most important articles of the moment.

BriefMe is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.