Briefing Room Update

From WHCA President Steve Scully:



Please note with a change in the President’s schedule (departing for Crawford on

Thursday, August 3rd), there is a slight change in our move schedule to Jackson Place.

Briefing room workspace will remain operational until 6pm on Friday, August 4th however, the briefing chairs will be removed starting MID-AFTERNOON Thursday, August 3rd

Move out DAYS to Jackson Place will now be Friday, August 4th, Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th

There will be limited access to Jackson Place starting next week, July 31st, primarily for the networks to begin testing telco and fiber lines

You MUST bring your own chairs to Jackson Place. Desks will be provided, but chairs for this temporary space is YOUR responsibility
The storage cabinets for cameras, tripods and other equipment in the West Wing will NOT be moving to Jackson Place.

All your equipment/ office supplies/ desks/ chairs NOT removed by Monday morning, August 7th will be considered junk and will be taken out during the demolition phase of the project

Additional details on security procedures at Jackson Place & The White House will be forthcoming, once we receive specifics from USSS.
The temporary trailer for the traveling pool is now in place, located adjacent to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. There is also a smaller trailer for lower press personnel.

PLEASE NOTE: This trailer is for the POOL only, as well as a location for correspondents, producers and camera/ audio operators doing live shots at Stonehenge to have emergency shelter in case of inclement whether. Space in this trailer is VERY LIMITED !! We will be monitoring this closely to make sure that only those who need to be in the trailer are there. Otherwise, you need to use the Jackson Place workspace

Will keep you all posted as further information becomes available.