Brief Video Tour of the Motorola Droid Pro: Much More Responsive Than the Original Droid

A friend in the office received his Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon on Friday and let me take it aside for a minute to record a video of it next to my one year old Motorola Droid. You can see that the physical keyboard under the screen. Its presence required that the screen be reduced in size. You can see in the video that the screen is significantly smaller than the original Droid. However, the availability of the BlackBerry-like thumb keyboard means that you don’t have re-orient the device or pull out a keyboard to enter text. This is a big plus in my opinion.

The Droid Pro looks a lot more responsive than the original Droid. You get an indication of that based on the difference between the two devices when comparing scrolling speeds.

My friend agreed to a brief video interview about this thoughts on the Droid Pro (his first Android-based phone) after he has had a few days to get comfortable with the device.