Bridget Siegel Opens Up On Domestic Affairs

Subject: Bridget Siegel

Credentials: Actor, writer, political consultant. She has worked on campaigns at the local state and national levels. She graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. Author of Domestic Affairs: A Campaign Novel, a steamy read about a woman who goes to work for a presidential hopeful and they wind up having an affair. Siegel worked on Hillary Clinton‘s first Senate race and for Andrew Cuomo‘s Attorney General and Governor races. She worked on Terry McAuliffe‘s Virginia Senate race, for the Sen. John Kerry/John Edwards presidential ticket, for the DNC and for President Obama‘s 2008 presidential race.

Her first job out of Georgetown… was as a fundraiser for Clinton’s Senate race. She walked in her for her interview and said, “I’ll do anything but fundraise.” Three months later, she had the job as her fundraiser. It wasn’t as if she was devoid of experience. She’d interned at a bunch of campaigns. She raised money for Geraldine Ferraro‘s Senate race when she ran against Chuck Schumer.

Resides: Midtown Manhattan in a little brick pre-war building with tons of interesting neighbors.

Must watch TV: There are so many it’s embarrassing. I love “Scandal” and I’m completely hooked on that. I love “Revenge.” I really like “Smash.” I will admit I like “General Hospital.” The “Wheel of Fortune.” I auditioned for it last year and I’m going to be on it soon.

Favorite authors: Paulo Coelho; I love Chick lit. Linsdey Kelk and Jennifer Weiner I have a good friend, Alberto Hazan, who writes amazing books.

Best book you’ve read in the last year: I just read Andrew Tobias‘, The only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need. It’s amazing and a random break from the other stuff I read, but it was really fantastic and much needed.

Typical day in your life: I am a consultant now, but I really am trying to make it in the acting world. I do a little bit of politics, but I’m going out on auditions. I’m in the midst of finishing and producing an independent movie from last summer. It’s called “That Thing With the Cat.” I’m entering it into festivals. It’s about a recluse girl who is obsessed with true crime and decides to solve the murder of a cat. It’s a quirky New York story about a recluse who is finally meeting the people in her building.

Was Olivia, your main character in Domestic Affairs, based on you in looks, thoughts, feelings, experiences? A lot of it was based on myself, but he truth of it was, when I started to work on the character, I sat down with a lot of friends and other fundraisers. I hadn’t realized how many people had the exact same stories, like verbatim stories. It was a nice and not nice thing to see. It definitely made the book easier. It’s not one true story but a compilation of stories. I definitely used my imagination. The trip to Cartagena was definitely part of my imagination. I took stories from campaign workers who went on trips and saw things happen or had things happen. I would say every story in the book had some roots in truth, either mine or someone else’s. I can’t think of one that’s completely out of nowhere.

Meaningless sex and campaigns: I don’t think it’s usually meaningless sex. It’s people who are in something together who share so many beliefs and experiences that it is more of a heart thing. As I was talking to people who have had these experiences, who have had romantic relationships with politics, it’s rarely something that is just a throwaway. At least for the staffer. You rarely work for someone  you don’t believe in and feel for them.