Brian Wilson’s Undoing at Fox News Part of ‘White Men Behaving Badly’ Culture


FishbowlDC obtained further details about what happened inside Fox News that led to Brian Wilson’s suspension. Wilson was an anchor and reporter at Fox News. He allegedly has not been at work for two months, sources say.

As of last week, insider reports reveal that Wilson went haywire when a producer tried to replace a shot in one of his TV packages. Wilson reportedly “yelled” and “kicked a chair.” The producer then went to Human Resources to report the incident. Next thing you know, Diane Brandi, of legal affairs in New York, comes to Washington. Sources say Fox News employees said they wouldn’t feel comfortable if Wilson returned to Fox News. One woman told HR that “it’s the corporate culture that covers up for these white men behaving badly.”

> UPDATE: More clues as to why Wilson is parting ways with Fox News. In July 2007, a story in Politico by Anne Schroeder Mullins reports that after less than six months into his stint as Bureau Chief, Wilson had to write a letter of apology to Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), for using B-roll of him that was supposed to be B-roll of then-Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) (who, as some recall, hid $90,000 in cash in his freezer.).