Brian Williams On Top; Katie Couric ‘Getting Feet Wet’


Maybe it’s the impeccable (really) comedic timing. Maybe it’s his willingness to diss the Daily Show. Maybe its his friendship with Bono, who has been known to deface a lightbox or two at NBC to prove it. Maybe it’s his towering billboard. Maybe it’s his blog. Whatever it is, it’s working: Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News are #1. And it seems NBC is determined to highlight that fact during its midterm election coverage.

So it would only be natural for Katie Couric, in her first election as the anchor of CBS Evening News, to be feisty, to want to scratch and claw at any and all rivals who, despite her years covering big news events at the Today Show, say she’s just getting her feet wet.

Says Couric:

“It’s my first time in this position, so I just think it’s a great way to get my feet wet.”

Oh man.


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