A Prescient Brian Williams Onion Story

The parody site called it, in the spring of 2006.

TheOnionLogoWhen it comes to Brian Williams, The Onion has dropped the parody ball  A search of the site reveals a scant amount of post-scandal material and one certifiable chuckle.

However, as far as pre-scandal material goes, the site nailed it via a May 22, 2006 item that today reads spooky accurate and right on the unfunny money. Check out these snippets from “Insecure Brian Williams Only One Who Doesn’t Trust Brian Williams For Latest News:”

Williams, who has been hailed as the new dean of network news journalists by several prominent TV critics and attacked as a “giant phony” by his own mind…

“Last night, we explored the misappropriation of federal funds during our ‘Fleecing Of America’ segment,” Williams said. “Do you know what would’ve made a better subject? ‘Brian Williams: The Sham To End All Shams.'”…

Nightly News intern Jared Kampmann echoed [makeup artist Eve] Hodel’s observation. “This morning, he asked me if his piece on the looming threat of war with Iran was ‘Brokaw-worthy,'”said Kampmann.

In terms of a possible Williams slant for the next Onion item, how about NBC announcing it has traded the suspended newsman to the Jets?