Brian Williams, Jeff Jarvis, and PRNewser on How to Be a Blog Star

(Brian Williams, anchor and Daily Nightly blogger)

Check out yours truly in mediabistro’s new twopart educational video series titled “Be a Blog Star”.

Mediabistro interviewed Brian Williams, Jeff Jarvis from Buzzmachine, former TVNewser and current NYTimes TV Decoder Brian Stelter, current TVNewser Chris Ariens, Unbeiged‘s Stephanie Murg, and myself for the series.

The series covers the why community is so important, how to build traffic, how to engage your commenters, and why you should read and engage other blogs.

It’s an enthusiastic bunch with “sometimes contradictory” views on the medium. One of the points I make, is you can start out with as little as a dozen sources in your niche if you have a passion for the topic.

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