Daily News Leaves Out Key Transit Girl Detail

There’s a fun interview-preview in the New York Daily News by Justin Rocket Silverman about Transit Girl, the forthcoming November 19 novel by NY1 traffic reporter Jamie Shupak. It’s a fictionalized version of her NYC romantic experiences:

Shupak’s real-life fiancé is New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter — who courted his fiancé by tweeting. In Transit Girl, Stelter’s character is blogger Ben Abrams, who works for a vicious gossip site called Banter. Despite his aggressive reporting, it soon becomes clear that Ben has a heart of gold.

Blogging, tweeting and Instagram are central to the characters’ budding romance. In fact, much of their flirtation occurs through their fictional Twitter feeds, as the lives of @GuilianaLayne and @BanteringBen raise eyebrows all over the media industry. (Shupak and Stelter’s real-life engagement last month warmed the hearts of their more than 200,000 collective Twitter followers).

Nowhere in the NYDN piece is it mentioned that also in real life, there is someone who owns the Twitter handle @BanteringBen. Ben Buswell is an advertising industry bloke in London and seems, as far as we can tell, unaware of the mini-Twitter storm that is about to hit.

Beyond the fake and real Bantering Bens, the folks at Polis Books may want to move with regards to the other half of the Transit Girl Twitter equation. At press time, the marketing portal of @GuilianaLayne is unclaimed.

Update (November 5):
Unless we hear otherwise, we’re going to take credit for the fact that @GuilianaLayne is now registered.