Success Magazine Celebrates Muppet Family Way

Siblings Lisa and Brian Henson deserve a lot of credit. After their legendary father Jim passed away in 1999, it would have been very easy to allow dad’s company to fall apart as a big Disney deal disappeared that same year and a German owner disintegrated in 2003.

But instead, via an animated interview piece in Success magazine, reporter Alice Daniel details how the brother-and-sister team has been able to survive in Hollywood’s world of conglomerates after buying back a smaller sized iteration of the company. The most striking aspect of the piece is, strangely, the impact of good parenting. Having grown up in the fantastically inclusive environs of a Connecticut farmhouse, CEO Lisa is now cultivating the same kind of atmosphere at work in LA:

Headquartered on the historic Charlie Chaplin lot, the company continues to have the family feel that Jim Henson engendered. “In general, there are a lot of kids, dogs and Priuses,” says Henson, who is the mother of two children, ages 10 and 12. “There are always kids here, a bunch of kids who are like a little club.” Henson says. She tries to teach her children about her profession, much like her father did for her. “I think my work’s really interesting, and I try to include them in what I do,” she says.

Even as a young girl, Lisa says, dad would solicit her opinion in the editing room, part of his broad-shouldered all-inclusiveness. Lucky mom, and now, lucky grandkids.