Brian Lam Bids Farewell To Gizmodo

Brian Lam, who has been with Gizmodo for five years, is leaving, he announced on the Gawker Media-owned blog.

Joe Brown will be taking over, and Lam is ready to “play around in the ocean a bit more and figure out what my next adventure is.”

He also told David Carr that “five years is a long time to work at a site as fast-paced as this. I am proud of what we have done, but I am also curious to see what else is out there,” he said. “I like technology, but I want to do it on my terms. One of the things is that I want to look into is the powerful intersection between technology, news, and entertainment. And I am curious about Hollywood and how technology is playing a role there. It seems like there is room for more stuff out there.”

Business Insider has pointed out a few of Lam’s tweets since the announcement, one of which said: “ATTN PLEASE DIRECT ALL PR PITCHES TO SOMEONE ELSE, FOREVER”…but our favorite is this exchange (you may need to click it to enlarge to read the small type):

You go, guy.